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Your Canvas

Got an idea you want to share. Made some tasty food. See something cool. Know some mindfulness ideas. Got a favourite up and coming band or know about a little art exhibition. Send it on to us and let us be a canvas for your creations.

So this part of our community is just getting started. You don't have to be talented to create and you don't have to be judged on your creations. Whether colouring by numbers or making up your own poem; share something more meaningful than a photo of your feet on a beach.


Click below to allow us to be your Canvas.

Food & Farm

Share a Recipe.

Made something cool or tasted something special. Share it with us.

Let us be your Canvas.


Submit a Poem.

Whether you read a poem that you liked or wrote something on the spur of a moment. Share it with us.

Let us be your Canvas.


Share a song.

Captured a cracking song live or have a musical talent yourself?

Let us be your Canvas.


Give an opinion.

Got an opinion? Have a cause that you want shared and aired or even just discussed? Take it a step further.

Let us be your Canvas.

Art & Design

Share some Art.

Whether you spotted a fresco beside a train station or made a little piece of art yourself. Please share with us.

Let us be your Canvas.

Tricks & Mischief

Make a moment.

Share a mindfulness trick or practice that your preach. A great website or mantra that you use.

Let us be your Canvas.

Just like you share with us, we love to share our experience, knowledge and opinion with you. Check out our blog here and learn more about beer, farm and everything in between.

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