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The Farm in Farmhouse

Canvas Brewery is located on our farm in County Tipperary. The vision is to produce 'SINGLE SOURCE' beers using home grown ingredients, on farm spring water and energy from on farm woodland and hyrdo-power and to sell direct to the consumer.

The inspiration for MOSS comes from farming, his light bulb moment came one day while baling straw and listening to Grainne from Metalman Brewing in Waterford discussing brewing beer. “Why as farmers would we try to negotiate with the largest malting company in the world for price of our grain if we could make that grain into beer?”

The farm had long grown Malting Barley, the area is famous for quality of Malt yet a boardroom decision shore this opportunities from farmers in the area. In growing malting barley for brewing onsite the goal became to create the best flavor possible, being the farmer gives the chance to control that. 


In the brewing world Marris Otter is heralded as famous for flavour,

a heritage variety grown in the UK. Taking inspiration from this the

idea sparked to get samples of heritage Irish malting Barleys

Thus beginning the process of rehabilitating these native varieties

Irish Goldthorpe (1905) seen in picture with Moss caringly removing 

and branches that fell in a storm before harvest. Spratt Archer (1914)

and Hunter have also popped in fields of modern varieties carefully

delineated by white stakes. Not content with growing high input

modern varieties both for their flavour and care of the Soil.

This grain is then Stored and Malted on site, using firewood from the natural forests as the heat source, and electricity from an archimedes screw on the river for electricity. 

While these heritage Malting barley varieties remain a new challenge for agrononmic side, producing lower yield than modern varieties, they have enhanced flavour and disease resistance. The larger root systems and cover crops are feeding the soil and improving the soil health. Healthy soil creates healthy plants.


All of this is to create unique flavours be cause Malt is the soul of Beer. We want that to be a pure and true experssion of our surrounding 


we grow our own hops, some of which were found on the farm and have been propagated happily in the Hop Garden. 


The on farm timber we use for brewing and Malting is sustainably managed with using coppice with standards, this provides both fuel as well as sawlog timber for use in buildings, tables etc. This process keeps the soil alive with roots and the forest in constant regeneration improving biodiversity and resilience. 



Where does the inspiration come from, while the farm has always produced food on a large scale, it also produces on a small scale to provide the nutritional sustenance for those on the farm, we are now trying to bring that a bit 

With our desire to produce spontaneously fermented beers from the yeasts, barley and hops in the environment around us we hope to produce beers that have Tipperary Terroir. Of the land, of the season and of the day. 



Please come visit.

We ask that you contact us in advance

We are a "Saison Brewery" so we might be in the fields 


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