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Market News...August 2017


2017 has been the year of brewery buyouts. AB Inbev, Heineken, Sapporo and the likes have all been buying up multiple craft beer brands. 


Brewdog was always about the punk, let us know. If we're offered €40m in 2020 for the brewery, what would you have us do??


Twig visited Damien Rafferty near Newry (see above) and chatted about his soon to be craft floor malting set up. This means we can get our own barley malted here in Ireland and work closely with the man doing it so that we can have more control over the end product. 


White Hag festival was attended in July. This was a good chance to get our name out there. Get talking to other brewers and retailers and an opportunity to sneak in a few samples of our own beer towards the latter part of the evening. 


Great feedback all around. As Twig shitetalks his way through crowds and Moss backs it up with knowledge and zen calmness - we are going to be the most sought after new Irish brewery in 2018. 


The craft drinks bill has passed the Dail and hopes to be in effect by the end of the year. This will mean breweries will be able to sell directly from their own premises to guests who have completed a brewery tour. We've said it before but please do come visit the work in progress and see how this will benefit us hugely. 


Choice overload? Send mr twig a photo of your local beer shop’s selection: he’ll get back to you with the best ones to try next.

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